Who Needs a Professional Organizer?

Perhaps you do!
  • You're a busy parent who wears too many hats - chauffeur, social convenor, tutor. Life would be so much easier if you could just find what you need when you need it! When you have free time, your family is your priority, not your closets or your household files.

  • You're a senior citizen and want to move out of the big house into a smaller condo, but your only daughter lives in Toronto. Jessica can help you with the move and all the details so that you can get settled and continue to enjoy your retirement.

  • You are a person who struggles with chronic disorganization or extreme clutter. You aren't comfortable having friends or family over. Jessica can work with you to get your home to a relaxed and easy environment to be in.

  • Your new normal is working from home. You need help to set up a functional home office space, while maintaining boundaries between “office” and “home”.

  • You have a small business and business is great - so good in fact that you don't have time to set up a filing system, your records are in chaos and some days you have trouble finding your desk! You'd like to take your business to the next level, but first, you've got to get organized!

  • You head up a large department and have very capable staff members who are just as busy as you are. But you've got an office move coming up, then the client open house and who can organize these projects for you? You need someone trustworthy to lend a hand.

Organomics Professional Organizing can take on all of these tasks and so many more. Simplify your life, save time and money, and free yourself from clutter and frustration. You don't have to do this alone . Call today to see how to improve your environment...and your life.