Product Recommendations

There is an almost infinite selection of organizing products available ranging from containers to shelving to systems to software. During the course of working with hundreds of clients over the years on a variety of projects, a handful of organizing products have stood out. Many of these are products and services provided by Professional Organizers in Canada's associate members.

There are also two resources that have been used extensively by Kristie Demke, owner of Organomics Professional Organizing, to help keep her professional and personal life well organized.

  • The first is the Projecteze™ system developed by Laurence H. Seton, and fully explained in his book "On Top of Everything". Projecteze is a simple project management system that will help you to keep track of your projects, responsibilities and deadlines. Best of all it works with Microsoft Office's Word and will sync with your smart phone or PDA. Find out more about it at the Projecteze website.

  • The second resource is just about any of the time management books and videos offered by Canadian time management expert Harold Taylor. A complete array of all his products and resources can be found at Harold Taylor Time Consultants.